Our Story

Plotty is a female-founded dreamwear brand based in Copenhagen. Our pieces are a combination of high-quality silk, conservative cuts and plot-full illustrations. We aim to serve the bold and confident consumer, offering affordable luxury for those who want an exclusive look and feel. This is a brand for endless dreamers and free-spirits, deep sleepers, insomniacs, and early birds. 

Plotty was founded in 2020 by Masa Kulisic as a final BA project at VIA Design University in Denmark. We highly value optimism. Our goal is to become a lifestyle community which promotes inclusivity and mental wellbeing.

Our Materials

All of our products are made from a silk blend consisting of 80% silk and 20% cotton. The reason for using this particular blend is its durability, hypoallergenic nature, and its high absorbability. This makes it ideal for both cold winters and warmer summer periods. Our base fabric is a locally sourced white silk-blend which is then printed with water-based dyes and biodegradable inks which are non-hazardous, toxin-free and certified with an OEKO-TEX Eco Passport.


Our collaborations have been essential in creating and presenting final products we are proud of. We have worked closely with two artists in particular:

We want to thank:

Martyna Szczegielniak for pattern illustrations. Designer and illustrator based in Aarhus working in the fields of branding, visual identity, advertising and web. Martyna is combining her design and illustration skills to create strong and compelling visuals with a touch of quirkiness. She is drawn to beauty in the functional form.

Isabell Zarp for campaign photography and videography. Colombian born and Copenhagen based videographer and photographer Isy combines 4K cinematic footage with the charm of analog authenticity. In working both commercially and creatively she has found a way to discard the industry’s “rules of good camerawork”, and instead always follows intuition when working with a brand or artist.

Mare Rajcic designer, worked with us to create a timeless and stylish graphic identity to help support the company’s future activities and deliver a considered and cohesive brand experience for Plotty customers.

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